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Material Selection


(How to Choose)

Granite Vs Marble

 Marble Vs Granite

Quartz vs Quartzite

Quartz Vs Quartzite

Marble Vs QuartziteMarble Vs Quartzite

Granite vs Quartz

 Granite Vs Quartz


Quartz Vs Marble

 Quartz Vs Marble

Quartz Brand Comparison 

Countertop Material Comparison 

Granite Marble Quartzite or Quartz, What are the differences?

How to Select the Best Color For Your Countertop.

How to Select a Fabricator Download

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6 Questions: You Must Ask Before Buying Countertops!


Sealer Questions

 Youtube PNG Image 49720What is Sealer?  Youtube PNG Image 49720What is "SR" rating  Stains
Price Questions Money SymbolHow Much is 40 Square Foot or More Installed? How Much Are Money SymbolRemnants, Installed for Small Size Jobs? How to: Sketch For Quote for Countertops?

 Price Vs Quality

  Money SymbolEnter My Dimensions - Quote Tool       
FAQ & Care Questions Use and Care of Your Granite Countertop  Youtube PNG Image 49720Soapstone Care  How to Oil Soapstone?  How and When Do I seal my Countertop?
  How Countertops are Made Our Warranties

The Process


Support Questions


How Much Overhang Can I have without Support?      

 Avoid Problems


How to Avoid Problem with Trapped Appliances, Sinks and Milled Stone? How to Avoid Problems with Trapped Backsplash? How to Avoid problems with Trapped Sinks?  

 Repair Questions


How to Repair a Chip, Crack or Scratch?  

Youtube PNG Image 49720How to Repair a Chip in Granite? Part1

Youtube PNG Image 49720How To Repair a Chip In Granite? 


Youtube PNG Image 49720How to Remove a Stain in Granite Using Poultice?



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                    Granite Slab Inventory | Soapstone Slab Inventory Marble Slab Inventory Quartzite Slab Inventory

The Marble Institute- The M.I.A is regarded as the foremost authority on natural stone.