Stone Tech 25 Year Residentialgranite countertops PA

Stain Warranty - $299 - at time of fabrication and installation.


Other products in your home such as carpet and furniture can stain. To protect investments such as carpets, stain protection and warranties are popular solutions. Stone counter-tops are no different. StoneTech offers a high performance sealer for natural stone and then backs it up with a full 25 year warranty. Stone Masters applies the sealer and StoneTech stands behind their technology for 25 years. You enjoy the peace of mind.

We will seal your stone with StoneTech professional grade sealer in our shop during fabrication and then seal it again during installation with another application of sealer. Some stone types may even require a a third coat to be fully protected and warranted for 25 years by StoneTech. Ask a representative for details.

In the unlikely event of a stain, call StoneTech for stain removal and support for a full 25 years in residentail applications! This same product offers 15 years for commercial applications and 1 year in outdoor applications.



Here is an in-depth article about sealing natural stone.

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SR (Stain Resistance Rating) System

SR (Stain Resistance) Rating System

Definition: This is the stones natural resistance to staining before sealer is applied to it. This is determined by several factors including density, porosity and resin treatment.

A measure of "5" offers the highest resistance to staining.

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