Tile Backsplash

Stone Masters installs tile backsplash for our countertop customers. We carry today's most popular and sizes, colors and textures of kitchen back-splash tiles. All tile installations are performed by our own technicians. Let our designers create a combination that compliments your counters and taste. The pricing couldn't be any simpler. The prices below are for kitchen back-splash tile installed. It includes all materials and labor to install your stone back-splash tiles in an area which is defined as the area above your counter-top, yet below your upper wall cabinets. We can wrap around your windows or flank your hood for an additional fee if your kitchen design has those features. A large kitchen typically has less than 30 square feet of back-splash, so we limit the below offers to that amount. Certainly we can accommodate more if you need it, just ask for a quote.

Decorative tiles, accent tiles, or kitchen tiles whatever you call them we can design and install to your specifications, just ask.

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3 x 6 Soapstone

3x6 Soapstone 3x6 Soapstone tiles up to 30 SF installed for $750, each additional Sf is $25 per SF

Tile Installed "Straight"-$750!

Tile Backsplash

All material and labor, to install up to 30 square foot of Tumbled Travertine Tiles measuring 4x4, 1x2, 2x2 or 3x6 is included and installed in a straight pattern as shown and is "Simply Crisp".

Mixing and matching of tile size, pattern, color or combination is "compound" and $100 more.

Decorative insets with Chair Rails or Pencils are available. Versailles and Herringbone patterns area available. Each additional SF over 30 is $25 per SF installed. These prices are for countertop customers only!

Tile Installed "Simply Crisp"-$750!

Tile Backsplash

"Simply Crisp" kitchen back splash finished in a 3x6 tumbled Travertine brick pattern at $750.00

Up to 30 Sf is included. Each additional is $25 per SF. Prices are for Countertop customers only!

Tile Installed "Compound"-$850!

Tile Backsplash

"Compound" installation. This is a mixing of tiles installed straight which others installed diagonally for $850 up to 30 SF. $25 for each additional. Countertop Customers only!

Tile Installed "Versailles"-$945!

Tile Backsplash

"Versailles" pattern. This pattern is $945 installed for a backsplash application up to 30 SF. Ask for each additional. Countertop Customers only!

Tile Installed "Herringbone"-$999!

Tile Backsplash

"Herringbone" tile pattern made up from individually placed 3x6 tumbled travertine tiles for backsplash applications is $1299 installed for up to 30 SF. Countertop customers only!

Tile Inset Add-$249!

Tile Backsplash

"Inset" most frequently used behind the cooking area. The combinations of tile size and color are endless. Let us design one for you! Adds $249 with your choice of field tile and either chairrail or pencil perimeter. For Countertop customers only!

4 x 4 Soapstone tile for backsplash

4 x 4 soapstone tiles for backsplash 4 x 4 soapstone tile for backsplash, $750 for up to 30 SF installed, each additional SF is $25 installed.