Countertop Overhang Support Options

Counterbalance Bar
340_Bar_vs_Traditional_supportCounter Balance Brand Support Bars are specifically designed to be cut into and either bolted or screwed to your kitchen cabinets. These T-shaped bars are black powder coated. They are specifically designed bars allowing counter-tops to be supported up to 12 inches without additional support.

The Counter Balance T-shaped profile is appropriate for counter balancing overhangs as long as there is 2/3rd of the stone fully supported via cabinets and not more than 1/3rd overhanging. These brackets offer an alternative to corbels or legs.

Pictured to the left are examples of the bar set along side of an alternative installation of a wooden leg. The bars allow leg room under an overhang without competing with the supporting member.

These and all supporting items are installed by your cabinet installer and are not part of a counter-top installation as the wood of the cabinets needs to be modified to accept the installation of the bracket itself.

Counterbalance Bar & Counterbalance Plate

340_Plate_vs_CorbelCounterbalance Brand Plates are another alternative to corbels or legs. Manufactured by Counterbalance they are powder coated black and have recessed screw holes for flush installation.

This option allows for a "clean floating look" of your overhang. These need to be installed by your carpenter and need to be recessed into your 2x4 framed wall so that they support the overhanging counter-top.

The maximum overhang will be determined by the amount of material fully supported vs. that overhanging so that an unsafe situation is not created.

340_Plate_Wall_SupportPictured are examples of a plate vs. the more traditional support method of a wall cap style support option.

Carved Wooden Corbels
 Carved Wooden Corbels can be stained or painted and are a traditional method of supporting overhangs.

It is important to select the proper mounting location so that the corbel offers substantial support for the items it is being used to structurally support. Cabinet backs are frequently used to mount corbels and may require a beefier structure to offer real support.

Consult your cabinet installer, or templator if your not comfortable with making the decision yourself.

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