Soapstone Sale

Soapstone Sale going on Now!   We have hundreds of slabs and 15 different types of soapstone in stock at all times!    You have found the "Soapstone Capitol of the USA" right here in Kennett Square PA. We will not be undersold.    No one has more soapstone in stock than Stone Masters...PERIOD!    Bring the competitors estimate and see if we can beat it! We have Triple Black Saoapstone as low as $60 per SF fully fabricated and installed!

  • Black Lightning Soapstone | SR-5 | Price Level 7 | MOHS "2"
  • Amazonas Black Soapstone AKA P.A. Soapstone (Pineros Altos) - Price Level 7 - MOHS 2
  • Amazonas Black Soapstone AKA P.A. Soapstone ( Pineros Altos )- Price Level 7 - MOHS 2
  • Barroca Soapstone - Price level 7 - MOHS 3
  • Bininha Soapstone | Price Level 5 | MOHS 2
  • Bininha Soapstone Lot 2 SR5 | Price Level 5 | MOHS "2"
  • Bininha Soapstone Lot 2 - half wet SR5 | Price Level 5 | MOHS "2"
  • Bateias soapstone (half wet) - Price Level 4 - MOHS 2
  • Fantasy Soapstone - Price Level 4 - MOHS 2
  • Ice Flower Soapstone - Price Level 5 - MOHS 4
  • Julia Soapstone Leathered - Price Level 5 - MOHS 2
  • Lourdes Soapstone SR5 | Price Level 6 | MOHS "2"
  • Lourdes Soapstone - half wet SR5 | Price Level 5 | MOHS "2"
  • Margarida Soapstone - half wet SR5 | Price Level 5 | MOHS "1"
  • Margarida Soapstone SR5 | Price Level 5 | MOHS "1"
  • Traditional Soapstone - Price Level 4 - MOHS "3"
  • Triple Black Soapstone - Price Level 2 - MOHS 2

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Remnant Sale

Remnant Sale!

Remnants wide Angle15% off any Remnant Level 2 and Higher

 7% off Level one and 0% Off "Promo"

Details       Schedule an Appointment Today!

Soapstone Backsplash Tile 3x6 and 4x4

3 x 64 x 4

4 x4 and 3 x 6 Subways can be used

for bathrooms, walls, floors or anything!

Soapstone Samples by Mail

Soap SamplesGet 5" x 5" soapstone samples shipped to your door!

Only $25, including postage and handling.

Plus return them with purchase and we apply the $25 to your purchase!

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What to avoid when selecting slabs/fabricator

What to avoid when selecting slabs fabricator


What to look for when selecting slabs/fabricator

what to look for when selecting slabs fabricator

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Stone Types

Granite is hard and dense. As such, it is naturally scratch, etch and stain resistant. That makes it suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, wet and dry locations. Granite is stable and not overly sensitive to heat and that makes it suitable for fireplace applications.

Marble is soft and vulnerable to scratching, staining and etching and is most suitable for use in bathrooms. It can be used in kitchens but extra care should be taken to maintain its appearance.

Quartz is manmade from natural minerals including quartz plus resins and pigments. It is very hard and both stain, etch and scratch resistant. It is vulnerable to heat damage as is not recommend for fireplace applications

Quartzite is a natural stone that is very hard and therefore scratch and stain resistant. It can be used anywhere granite is used.

Soapstone is softer than marble and can scratch easily, but can also be sanded and repaired with no special tools or skills. Soapstone is very heavy and dense and completely non-porous therefore very stain resistant and handles heat like no other stone so it is suitable in kitchens, baths, fireplace and both wet and dry locations.

Slate is harder than marble and soapstone and almost non-porous but NOT recommended for wet locations as water can get between the layers and cause separation and warpage.

Chipping, All stones can and will chip if impacted hard enough. The really hard stones are actually more prone to chipping as the material is so hard it is brittle and may chip. Chipping is most evident around a sink.

Competitors will claim that certain stones are quartzites so aid them in sales. The stones are actually marble or dolomite, this makes it easier for them to sell the stones and they are beautiful, but still very vulnerable to etching. Test a sample for yourself using a few drops of lemon juice. If the surface etches........You know it contains calcite and is not going to perform like a granite or quartzite at all.

Soapstone Projects

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Soapstone Sink Specials

These sinks are in-stock and ready for pick up. Cash & Carry. 

Soapstone_Sinks_001Butt-Joint Single bowl sink. Measurements 33 x 18.5 x 10 Made from "Fantasy Soapstone"
Price: $650

Soapstone_Sinks_004Wide Variety to choose from in stock, no lead time, stock sizes.

Soapstone_Sinks_005Single and Double Bowl configurations available, one or two drain holes, all pitched bottom CNC precision made in the USA

Soapstone_Sinks_006Ready for garbage disposal or simple drain plumbing connection.

Soapstone_Sinks_008Different Species of soapstone to meet your taste.


Website_005Hi-back, with a tipped and dipped tell us what you want and we can make it for you!


Let us help you design your sink to be sure it fits your cabinet and is supported properly. But joint or lap joint, all of our sinks are CNC precision milled and pitched.We can make tipped and dipped front sinks, undermount, farm style or apron front sinks. we can make hi-back or flush stype sinks of your dimension and choosing. Double bowl 50/50 and offset designs available as well as "apron style farm sinks". All sinks are expertly crafted of the soapstone material of your choice to match your counter top. If you can dream it, we can make it for you and make your dreams come true.