Granite Countertops in Philadelphia, PA

Granite Countertops add beauty and value to any home. They are functional and easy to maintain. That is why granite has been the most popular choice year after year. Our Kitchen Process will walk you through the five easy steps to get granite installed in your kitchen.

For marble and granite Philadelphia's favorite high quality fabricator is Stone Masters Inc. When it comes to price and value, we offer a $1389 special for granite countertops that include a sink and faucet. We have a video that will help you avoid common mistakes and FAQ to assist you with the most frequently asked questions. All of our stone is on display in our well lit indoor stone yard!

We offer tile bundles for back-splash which are priced as a "flat rate" per kitchen back-splash. The price only depends upon the pattern and options you choose. Think of Stone Masters when you think marble and granite Philadelphia's finest fabricator and tile setters.

Click on the Below Photo to open our Youtube Video Galley of available Stone Slabs!


marble and granite philadelphia

 Click on the photo Above to open our Youtube Video galley of in-stock stone slabs!

Marble and Granite

Articles about use and care will help you to understand what it takes to maintain that just installed look and offer advice and insights about sealing natural stone Understanding where stone comes from and how it is quarried and turned into a counter-top might help you understand how it comes to your home and what affects the cost of granite. From Quarry to Kitchen is a slide show to demonstrate these essential steps to marble and granite in Philadelphia.

The names of granites are frequently changed by the importers processors and fabricators. This makes it difficult to shop for granite by name. 

When redoing a bathroom a granite vanity is a great choice of materials and adds value to any home. Granite also makes the ideal material for a bar counter-top and is very popular for a basement bar.

If you are shopping for marble and granite Philadelphia homeowners and contractors alike, owe it to themselves to make the trip to Kennett Square for the most outstanding quality and value in the region.

DuPont 15 Year Warranty


15 Year Stain Protection for $299.

This warrants your natural stone for less than $20 per year, against stains backed by a name you can trust, DuPont.


What to avoid when selecting slabs/fabricator

What to avoid when selecting Granite slabs or fabricators.

  • Prices too good to be true. You already know the old adage. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. This industry is especially vulnerable due to most customers not knowing how to tell a good stone from a bad one.
  • Standard quality (2nd quality) slabs have flaws you may not even be able see, but can lead to cracking during or after installation. Mix and matched lots and kitchens pieced together from remnants is common practice to hold down costs at many fabrication shops.
  • Avoid, fabricators who make their templates with strips of plastic or wood. Demand digital accuracy. The difference in finished product fit is tremendous.
  • If you choose slabs that have veins and movement in the colors you would be crazy to allow a fabricator to cut your slabs without digital Slab Smith layout technology.

What to look for when selecting slabs/fabricator

What to look for when selecting Granite slabs and/or your fabricator.

  • If the stone that you like has a lot of veins and movement look for evenly colored slabs from left to right and top to bottom. This allows for better color matching at seams!
  • Higher price level and higher quality slabs have a smooth resin finish on top of the stone. Feel the surface with your finger nail, especially the veins and fissures to ensure that the resin is smooth especially in those areas.
  • Slabs with mesh and resin on the back slabs are typical of high-end and fragile stones.This is important to maintain the structural integrity of the more exotic, colorful and fragile stones.
  • If your job requires multiple slabs, check that the slabs are sequential (They have numbers on the side). This allows for optimal color and grain matching, which is especially important at seams.
  • Will your countertops be a "Scribed Fit" or a "Square Cut"? A "scribe cut" counter will follow the walls irregular shape perfectly while a straight cut counter will be caulked or even worse, cut into the drywall allowing winter's cold air to enter the cabinets and your house. ASK FIRST!
  • Galvanized steel rods should be installed inside the stone in critical areas such as in front of and behind the sink cutout. Does your fabricator do this? ASK FIRST!

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Stone Types

  • Granite can be used almost anywhere.
  • Marble should be used in applications where acidic food and liquids are not used daily due to the potential for etching. Marble is typically found in bathrooms and does not seam as nicely as granites or Quartzites.
  • Quartzites are a very hard and durable stone suitable for most applications where granite would be used.
  • Soapstone can be used in kitchens or baths but is prone to scratching, but will not stain as it is non-porous.
  • Dolomite is a lot like a marble and is best suited for a bathroom, It can etch and does not seam as nicely as granites.
  • Slate, almost as impervious to liquid absorption as soapstone but harder and more scratch resistant, great for counters and fireplaces.
  • Request a sample to determine suitability for your application.

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