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The Stone Masters factory uses over 6 million gallons per year of recycled water in the manufacturing of our counter-tops. We maintain our own on-site water recycling equipment using a combination of reverse osmosis filtration, mechanical, cyclonic and gravity separation to clean and reuse the water in our manufacturing process.

All cardboard, plastic and metal is recycled in a Waste Managment recycling program.

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Our new stone storage building was constructed and designed to make the maximum use of natural lighting via a 132 foot by 4 foot translucent light panel. Free natural light by design eliminates 100% of energy waste during 95% of our hours of operation.The supplemental electric lighting in our new facility is 100% new, high efficiency low energy consumption lighting (T5 fluorescent fixtures). We have replaced portions of our old lighting fixtures systems and have scheduled more replacements for the 4th quarter of 2011 and 1st quarter of 2012 as part of an ongoing energy efficiency program. We continue in 2015 and plans for 2016 to impliment LED lighting upgrades in the offices and showroom.

Waste stone slab is returned to the earth in the most compact form to minimize landfill impacts. Slurry from our machining operations is bagged and then dried to eliminate any water or air contamination of fine particulate.

Paperwork waste is minimized with an online order management system. We work hard towards being "paperless".  We have planted trees! To be specific we have planted 175 Shrubs, 86 evergreen trees and 18 deciduous (leaf bearing) trees. We are truly "green"!


We offer "green" counter-top material options from Silestone's Eco and Geos are just two of the green and sustainable countertop material options that we offer.  These are comprised of recycled components.

Everything we do and select for our operation, is done with the environment in mind. From equipment selection to vehicle maintenance, even the oil changes are performed with care and concern for the environment. We strive to minimize our footprint left behind.

The waste motor oil (from the oil changes) resultant from our fleet of vehicles is used to heat the neighbors building in our business park. Their heating equipment is specifically designed to utilize waste motor oil!

The waste stone from our cutting operation is being recycled and turned into pavers. These compete with the EP Henry style pavers found for driveways, patios and pool decks.

Natural stone counter-tops like Granite, Soapstone, limestone, marble and quartzite have less of an environmental impact as compared to man made "quartz" as there is less energy spent to cut a slab from a block as compared to creating a slab from chemical resins and natural quartz components.


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