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  1. What is your turnaround time and how long does it take?
    For templating, please allow 1-3 hours depending upon the complexity of your job. Your input is essential to getting the results you envision. Our technician will discuss several options regarding shape selection, corner radii, and other design elements at each point in the template process. Please allow time for this. If Stone Masters is being paid to remove your counters, please clear the counters of all items before the technician arrives. Empty your kitchen sink and clear all items from under the sink before we arrive.

    The fabrication will take approximately 4-8 business days to cut, polish, and prepare your stone for installation. Mitered edges, really large jobs and Built-up edges will take longer.

    The installation will take about 3-5 hours. Please plan on being present during both templating and installation.
  2. Will I have seams and where will they be?
    Stone Masters produces consistently state of the art and minimally visible seams. Due to slab sizes, kitchen layout, and individual piece size seams may be required and their frequency and location of all seams are determined solely by Stone Masters, Inc.

    Granite is a seamed product and seams are visible. Seams are especially visible when the slab has color variation. Where the two halves come together there will be a visible seam. Depending upon the stone price level, color variation and vein movement we may use camera imaging systems and specialized software to layout the stone prior to cutting. This will achieve the best possible seam.

    Regardless of the price level, color variation or movement we will use CNC technology to prepare seams to make the tightest possible seam. To minimize the visual impact we use a color matched epoxy and a vacuum seaming tool to assure a level surface and a tight seam, typically less than 1/16 of an inch between stones. Different stones produce different seams. Stones with veins are harder to hide and green (Verde) stones produce more noticeable seams than yellow and brown toned stones.

  3. Do you set up and connect all my appliances, faucets and sinks?
    We do offer countertop removal and plumbing reconnection services for an additional fee. These services are not included.

    No electrical, plumbing or appliance installation services come with the purchase of countertops. With the purchase of a countertop we will mount your sink to the stone and bore the hole(s) for your faucet. All water supply fixtures and drain lines must be connected by a plumber.

    All appliances must be leveled, secured and connected to their gas, propane, electrical or plumbing connections by your general contractor, appliance installer, or by the homeowner. We are not carpenters, painters, or appliance installers.

  4. Should I get new appliances or plumbing fixtures?
    Most people opt for a new sink and faucet since the existing one is most likely not an under-mount model. If you like, we can use your existing sink.

    Dishwashers can be re-used with little impact as they are uniformly sized 24 inches wide. Be aware that the mounting holes are rarely the same from one model to the next.

    Cook-tops should be carefully considered prior to having granite made specifically to fit your existing model as the opening is made to fit that exact appliance. Cook-tops are not standard sizes, and are most likely not going to just drop right in when you get a new one.

    A 30 inch oven does not always swap in and out where a “standard” 30 inch oven was before due to notches or actual oven size variation of the previous vs the replacement oven.

  5. How do I care for my new granite counters?
    Granite counters are very easy to care for. Clean with a mild soap and water or any or the antibacterial cleaning wipes or solutions found in all supermarkets and home center stores. Avoid using any product containing abrasives as it will dull your polished surface over time. Since granite is a natural stone, we do recommend that you apply a stone sealer specifically made for granite once or twice a year. We recommend StoneTech sealer.

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