Marble Countertops


Marble countertops are not just a fad or passing trend. It's beauty is legendary and timeless. In Chester County marble has been a longtime favorite. All of our stone is on display in our well light indoor stone yard!

While granite is a great and durable counter-top surface, marble is a classic building material. Homes of distinction insist upon marble for it's beauty, warm tones and wide variety of colors and patterns.

We fabricate all types of stone, including marble. We stock the most popular marble species and can special order almost any marble you desire. We work closely with our suppliers and various importers to offer you marble from every corner of the world. Just ask us! Marble is most frequently used for building Marble bars or marble vanities but can be used for marble kitchen counter-tops too.

The number one concern we hear all the time is, "If I buy marble countertops for my kitchen, how do I care for them?

We recommend investing in a really good stain protection sealer with a stain warranty from Daltile and DuPont Advanced Protection. This is the only sealer that actually warrants against stains specifically for Marble for a period of 15 years. This does not warrant against scratches or etching, but it does cover staining.

A little more care is required in preventing etching with marble as compared to granite and it entails picking up spills as they happen and just not letting them sit too long. In Greenville DE marble is the preferred material for both vanities and kitchens.